UV curing tube repair technology

Machine technology principle of ultraviolet(UV) Photocuring pipe repair technology

The lining material is closely affixed to the inner wall of the pipeline, and then the UV curing lamps are used to solidify the inner lining to form a hard “tube in the pipe” structure, so that the damaged or deprived underground pipeline has been repaired in situ.

UV curing tube repair technology

Characteristics of UV-curing Pipeline Repair

The construction time is short: the ultraviolet lamp illuminates the lining tube, the ultraviolet lamp’s traction speed is 1m/min, and the solidification of a 40-meter-long pipeline takes only 30-50 minutes;
The construction flexibility is high: the thickness and length of the repair material can be arbitrarily selected according to different field conditions;
The entire construction video observation: the front end of the ultraviolet lamp frame equipment, installed with CCTV camera detection system, can observe the situation of the pipeline throughout the construction;
Pipe wall is smooth: the number of materials is less than that of reinforced concrete tubes, which can increase the flow rate and increase the flow rate appropriately;
After hardening, the recovery is reduced: The repair material used in the photochemical method contains glass fibers as an enhancement material, and there is almost no contraction after hardening;
The equipment covers a small area: At the time of construction, only 3 engineering vehicles are required, occupying a small road area, low noise, and having a small impact on road traffic;
The lining tube is durable and practical: The lining material has the advantages of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, etc., and the material strength is large, and the maximum can be used for 30 years;
Protect the environment and save resources: No excavation of roads, no waste generation, no traffic congestion, and low carbon dioxide emissions during construction;
Strong water tightness: The lining pipe can withstand 0.1 Mpa of internal and external water pressure.

UV curing tube repair technology

Ultraviolet light curing lining repair technology can be used for repair in the following cases

Pipe bending below 10 °
Deplaced within 20mm
Pipe disjointed within 50mm
To withstand water pressure within 0.05 Mpa
Groundwater inflow within 2L/min

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