Repair technology of HDPE serosa lining

Process of repair technology of HDPE membrane lining

The use of multiple anchoring PE plates can repair various types of pipelines with partial or overall damage, such as concrete, plastic, metal and other pipes, culverts, etc.. The repair process does not need to be excavated, and construction can be carried out using the inspection wells of existing pipeline systems. It can be manufactured in factories or welded on the spot. Different types of pipes can be supported by fixed grouting with corresponding templates, which is convenient and flexible. After pipe repair, it is not only durable, but also reduces the coefficient of friction resistance, and it is not easy to scale smooth inner walls, which improves the ability to pass water.

Repair technology of HDPE serosa lining

Technical characteristics

The repaired pipe surface is smooth, not easy to scale, and the resistance to friction is reduced. The ability to pass water must be improved before repair.
Special formula for filling slurry, curing strength is high, no leakage, no pollution. It is a structural repair, and it reaches the internal pressure and external pressure load of the original pipeline after repair;
The non-excavation operation does not require the removal of land and does not hinder traffic. It is especially suitable for roads with high traffic flow. The construction speed is fast and a work section can be completed in five days.
The adaptability of the restoration is strong, and it can repair the drainage facilities such as pipes, pipe wells, Fanghan, and drainage tanks of various shapes and materials above DN 600. The first choice of large-caliber pipeline repair;
The project cost is low, the construction period is short, the construction difficulty is small, the service life is long, and the service life of materials is greater than 50 years.

Repair technology of HDPE serosa lining
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