Pipeline non-excavation static demolition replacement technology

Process of Static Break and Replacement Technology for Pipeline without Excavation

The use of the world’s leading non-excavation-type static pipeline replacement equipment, which includes a drill pipe and a violent burst head, with the head end fixed to the drill pipe and the other end fixed to the new pipeline to be replaced. The surface of the cracked head has a finned knife component used to open the old tube. At the same time, the old pipeline is cut and the new pipeline is laid at the same time.


Technical characteristics

Can be applied to all material pipes(steel pipes, cast iron pipes, ductile iron pipes, concrete pipes, reinforced concrete pipes, clay pipes, ceramic pipes, PVC pipes, HDPE pipes, PP pipes, etc.);
Danish advanced technology, small size of equipment, simple operation, high efficiency;
Waste non-excavation construction, no need to destroy the road surface;
Construction on the basis of the original pipeline, no need to open hole expansion operation;
The new pipe is pulled into the hole at one time, which is fast and efficient;
Pipes below 1200 mm can be operated.

Pipeline non-excavation static demolition replacement technology

T series(pit construction)

For the replacement of large-caliber pipelines;
Work pit needs to be excavated. Work pit size: 3 ~ 4 meters long and 2 ~ 3 meters wide;
Construction pipe diameter: DN50-DN1200;
Work segment length: 1.5 m/min;
New pipes can be compared with the original pipeline to add one or two specifications

Non-excavation-specific-polypropylene coated(PP) protective layer water supply polyethylene(PE) pipe GB / T 13663-2000

HDPE water supply pipeline is a new type of pipeline product made from high-density polyethylene, outer layer covered with PP protection layer, and multi-layer foundation molding process. Specification, Size and Performance Composite GB/T 13663-2000 Standard, Sanitary Performance Unit and Sanitary Safety Evaluation Specification for Water Transmission and Distribution Equipment and Protection Materials for Drinking Water(2001) and the relevant safety evaluation regulations of the Ministry of Health. The HDPE water supply pipeline has a PP outer layer with good toughness, strong corrosion resistance, light weight, and sacrifice. It can effectively block the growth of chronic cracks and stress cracking caused by trauma and scratches, and greatly extend the life of the pipeline.
Pipe can be used hot melt connection or electric melt pipe link, safe and reliable, low construction cost. The scratches in the non-excavation construction are inevitable and can not be explored. This will leave serious hidden dangers! PP protective layer has a good anti-scratch ability, which can greatly reduce the hidden danger of stress cracking after passing through water.

Mini-T series(pipe well construction)

During construction, the existing sewer pipe can be used as a guide hole, and one or two special short pipes can be accurately pulled into the hole at the same time, and the flow gravity angle of the new pipeline is exactly the same as that of the old pipeline.
The new pipe diameter can communicate with the old pipe or improve a specification;
The new pipe is a threaded modular pipe and is manually installed;
Pipe diameter and wall thickness ratio conform to SDR17;
Meet international standards for gravity sewers.

Special short tube for non-excavation, applied between pipe well and pipe well

Static breaking and changing pipe equipment and non-excavation special short pipes can easily pass through pipe wells with a diameter of not less than 600mm, and can easily operate equipment and install pipes in pipe wells with a diameter of not less than 1000mm.
During the work, the existing sewer pipe can be used as a guide hole, and the non-excavated special short pipe can be deep into the well and assembled. The new pipe can have a larger diameter than the original pipe, and during the entire construction process, The potential collapse and dislocation can be repaired, and the new pipeline fully satisfies the current gravity angle of the old pipeline design.

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