Yorde “4S” workstation, Customer-centric

Our company upholds the “4S” working concept, integrating sales, spare parts, after-sales service, and information feedback to achieve customer supremacy and service supremacy.


Our company integrates the production and sales of products, with an annual production capacity of 15,000 tons. The sales personnel are our employees to ensure the correctness of product information and the guarantee of after-sales service.



Our company’s finished product library occupies 6,500 square meters of the ground, inventory specifications include DN75-DN800 pipe and supporting pipe parts.
For customers who purchase products, our company will provide long-term spare parts exclusive areas for the corresponding types of pipe pipes. When users have the need to replace pipes and pipes, they will respond in a timely manner, calling inventory at a speed of zero delay, and loading and transporting vehicles. Get to the construction site as fast as you can.



Provide full set of standard and technical parameters for users using our products, and provide special requirements for testing items.
For direct users of our products, spare parts and spare parts required by users will be included in our standing inventory.
In order to ensure the customer’s later maintenance and repair of the pipeline, we set up a “4S” workstation for users using our products. Our company will send 2-4 engineers, spare parts and tools, resident in your office area, when you need to do pipeline repair or other operations, our engineers arrive at the construction site with zero delay.



For users who use our products, our company will set up files for customers, specifications and models of pipes used by customers, laying positions and other information on the record, when there is a need to repair, can quickly and timely find the pipeline location and required accessories model.

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