Features of HDPE Concrete Protective Liners 2019

Features of HDPE concrete protective liners: Long life, low cost, span of architectural protection

Polyethylene is a kind of thermoplastic resin with high crystallinity, non-toxic and tasteless, with good heat resistance and low temperature resistance. High mechanical strength, wear resistance, excellent impact resistance. PE is a Non-Polar material with very low surface energy, and it is not easy to adhere to other substances. The chemically stable model is highly resistant to corrosion and is almost insoluble in any organic solvent at room temperature. It is a very good protective material. Multi-point Anchorage PE plate is the revolution of architectural protection technology, and it is a low-cost, long-term and stable solution to protection engineering.

Features of HDPE Concrete Protective Liners 2019

Excellent Features of HDPE Concrete Protective Liners

Durable, maintenance-free
The PE board is integrated with concrete through anchor solids. The tensile strength exceeds 40 tons/square meter, and it never falls off. It has excellent impact resistance and shear resistance, and its service life exceeds 50 years.
Excellent corrosion resistance
PE materials can resist the corrosion of almost all acids, bases, salts, and other chemicals except for individual solvents. The use of protective panels allows ordinary concrete buildings to have the same anti-corrosion properties as plastics.
Excellent impermeability
The PE material has a very low water absorption rate, strong impermeability, and a fracture elongation of more than 300 %, effectively closing various cracks that may occur.
Wide range of temperature and UV resistance
-20 °C -60 °C can be used, and the heat resistant thermoplastic can be used for exchange up to 100 °C. The addition of anti-ultraviolet materials can be used in a strong ultraviolet environment.
Flexible and adaptable construction
The installation of the protective plate can be completed simultaneously when the concrete is poured, or it can be installed later. Almost all buildings with outer layers that require protection can be used.

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