Construction Process for the Repair Technology of the Serosa Lining

Pipe cleaning

The high-pressure water jet technology imported by HYDRO of France is widely used in pipeline cleaning and dredge maintenance.

Pipe Insight Video Inspection

Scope of application, DN300-DN2000 pipeline, 300 meters walking distance, camera can rotate 360 degrees, can observe various diseases inside the pipeline and measure the broken area and width of the pipeline.

Production of work pits

The pit is 10 meters long and 1.5 meters wide. After the construction is completed, the pit is filled back and returned to the road.

Stop the water, transfer the water.

The pipe repair section is blocked by professional airbags to ensure the safety of materials and construction personnel in the construction section and ensure the smooth completion of the construction process.

Production of new lining pipes

According to the diameter size and length size of the original pipeline to make the corresponding lining new pipeline.

New pipe pulled in and fixed

The new lined pipe is drawn from the work pit into the original pipe and the pipe port is fixed.

Water injection to pressure

Water injection is used to maintain the internal pressure of the lining pipe to provide pressure guarantee for the grouting operation.

Pulp injection

The slurry is composed of special formulas. The slurry has excellent fluidity at the beginning of the grouting. After the grouting, it solidifies in a short period of time and produces a large compressive strength.

Pulp curing

The special slurry is solidified at room temperature and solidified, and the original pipeline is firmly integrated with the new lining pipe of the staple material. The high-strength solidified slurry makes the composite pipeline with the repaired lining have stronger compressive function, and the new lining pipe has the function of anti-acid and alkali corrosion., It is resistant to strong corrosion of PH1-14 and has a service life of 50 years.

Pressure removal, plugging and water recovery

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