The Product Standard Meeting Regarding “Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Drainage Pipes Lined with HDPE concrete protective liners” was successfully held in Tianjin

On August 1, 2019, the establishment of the preparation group and the first working meeting of the China Engineering Construction Association’s standard “Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Drainage Pipes Lined with HDPE concrete protective liners” were held at the Jinlong International Hotel in Tianjin.

The meeting was chaired by the Secretary-General of the Pipeline Structure Professional Committee of the China Engineering Construction Standardization Association. Mr. Fanjinren, a professor-level senior engineer of the Northwest Design Research Institute of China Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd., and Mr. Yangtao, a professor-level senior engineer of the China Municipal Engineering Design Research Institute Co., Ltd. participated in the opening meeting as an expatriate expert of the Association and gave professional advice and guidance.

At the same time, I am also very honored to invite to the Beijing Municipal Engineering Design Research Institute Co., Ltd.. Chen Zhonggong, Director of Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Research Institute(Group) Co., Ltd. and Li Pei, Director of the 4th Institute of Engineering Design and Research in Tianjin, Gaowu and Zhangxuemei Zhusheng, China Construction Materials Inspection and Certification Group Co., Ltd.. Zhang Zhujianguo He Wanggang deputy chief engineer, Tangshan Longyu cement products Co., Ltd. manager Xuxikun, Tianjin Hailong Pipeline Co., Ltd. manager Yangchangguo, Shanghai Wanlangshui Technology Group Co., Ltd. general manager, a total of 11 experts participated in this standard meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, the moderator, Mr. Daichunsheng, introduced the experts and representatives to the participants of the meeting. As the representative of the editorial unit, Mr. Zhujianguo, the chief technical engineer of Tianjin Yaode Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., made speeches on behalf of two editorial units(Tianjin Yaode Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Tangshanlongyu Cement Products Co., Ltd.). Wanggang, deputy chief engineer of Tianjin yude environmental protection technology Co., Ltd., introduced the preparatory work and progress of the pre-standard.

Product description:
The polyethylene material adopts a special Anchorage structure(also known as a multi-point Anchorage PE plate). A single Anchorage solid can withstand 100 kg of pulling force, while 420 multi-point Anchorage PE plates can be placed per square meter, which can produce more than 40 tons of pulling strength., It can be firmly attached to the inner wall of the concrete pipe to form a concrete and polyethylene combined drainage pipe.
Polyethylene material has excellent waterproof, anti-corrosion ability, greatly improve the anti-corrosion ability of concrete pipes, greatly extend the service life of pipelines, become a product for upgrading concrete pipelines.
The product production standard can speed up the promotion of pipeline corrosion prevention technology, standardize the production of products, and promote the rapid development of the industry.

Finally, on behalf of the Secretary-General, announced the formal establishment of the preparation group of the China Engineering and Construction Association’s standard “lined polyethylene concrete and reinforced concrete drainage pipes” and made arrangements for the minutes of the meeting. The meeting officially ended.

After the meeting, experts were invited to inspect the project under construction of this product-the construction of a supporting project for the relocation of the sewage treatment plant in the eastern suburbs of Tianjin. The project uses a large-caliber lined polyethylene sheet composite reinforced concrete drainage pipe. It is also the first large-scale pipeline project to adopt this technology in China. The pipe has a diameter of 3 meters and a depth of more than 18 meters. It is constructed using a top pipe construction method.

For the project of the eastern suburbs of Tianjin sewage treatment plant, all experts have expressed their opinions and opinions on the design of the project, the selection of materials and construction have given full recognition.

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