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About Yorde China

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Original Intention

Tianjin Yorde Environmental Protection Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was founded with the intention of integrating multidisciplinary technologies, effectively mobilizing and utilizing all social resources, developing forward-looking products and construction technologies, solving environmental problems faced by economic development, and more effective service for economic construction and social development.

Business Guidelines

Providing products and services to the society is the value of the company, taking responsibility for the society, abiding by industry rules, maintaining a fair competitive market environment, and using wisdom and hard work to create better development opportunities for enterprises and employees.
About Yorde China
About Yorde China

Yaode Power

Our company’s finished product warehouse covers an area of 7,500 square meters, and the stock specifications include DN75-DN800 pipe and supporting pipe fittings.

For the users who purchase the products, our company will provide the exclusive area of the long-term spare parts for the corresponding types of pipe fittings. When the user has the requirement to replace the pipes and fittings, the company will promptly call the inventory at zero delay speed, loading and delivered to the construction area as soon as possible.

Corporate vision

The 21st century will be the era of composite materials. The composite materials are strong designability. The organic combination of different materials and different structures can complement each other and blend with each other, making the products more lightweight, high-strength, low-cost, anti-corrosive and durable. Expanded the performance and development space of new products. Yorde , which is aiming at environmental protection, is committed to the application and promotion of composite materials, and make the materials consumption less with technology, the performance is better, and the environmental cost is smaller, so as to achieve the coordination of environmental protection and economic development.

About Yorde China

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Invitation to join

Can’t find a good project? Green composite market vacancy, fewer manufacturers, Tianjinyaode is willing to cooperate with you win-win!