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Development history

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With the rapid development of China, new problems are emerging, and the pressure on the environment and resources is particularly obvious. Protecting the environment and conserving resources have become the consensus of the whole society. These problems are inseparable from the development of new products and the application of new technologies.
The 21st century will be the era of composite materials. Composite materials have strong designability, different materials, and organic combinations of different structures. They take advantage of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and integrate with each other, making the products more lightweight, high-strength, low-consumption, anti-rot, and durable. characteristics. Expand the performance of new products and development space. Yaode, which aims at environmental protection, is committed to the application and promotion of composite materials, and uses scientific and technological means to make product materials consume less, have better performance, and have less environmental costs, so as to achieve harmony between environmental protection and economic development.



Yorde set up

Tianjin Yaode Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Tianjin Wuqing District Automobile Industrial Park with an initial registered capital of 32 million yuan. The company's business purpose is to solve the environmental problems brought about by development with technology. At the beginning of the establishment, two production lines of 250 lines and 630 lines were built, and two patents for transition joints and new transition joints were applied.



R&D breakthrough

After continuous research and development by the Tianjin Yaode research team, the company applied for six patents such as nozzle closure, pipeline inspection well, a steel wire connection device, rapid pipe repair device, pipe flare repair device, and pipe pressure opening device.



Steady development

Tianjin Yaode's stable development period, applied for two patents of self-cleaning rainwater filter and new rapid flare repairing device.



Certified by management system

On August 20th, 2016, Tianjin Yaode's polyethylene products successfully passed ISO9001: Quality Management System Certification, ISO14001: Environmental Management System Certification, GB/T 28001: Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification, Special Equipment Manufacturing License. And applied for a patent for a safe and intelligent polyester fiber composite pipe forming device.



New breakthrough

This year, Tianjin Yaode not only successfully built a third production line: 800 lines, but also successfully developed new products through continuous trial and improvement over the past few years: multi-point anchoring PE board and building a production line for plates. This production line is national. The only production line for multi-point anchoring PE panels, and applied for a patent for a multi-legged plastic sealing plate. Tianjin Yaode's steel mesh skeleton composite pipe and multi-point anchor PE plate passed the Tianjin City license for drinking water sanitation safety products.



rapid development

Tianjin Yaode has developed rapidly in this year. It has not only become a high-tech enterprise and a technology-based enterprise, but also achieved great achievements in patents. It has passed many plastic sheet splicing welding machines and one used for lining plastic plates. An annular welding device with an interface connection, a multi-leg plastic sealing plate cutting device, a production device for a PE reducer, a production device for electrofusion of a 45-degree elbow, and a device for electrofusion 90 degree elbow production device, a steel mesh skeleton polyethylene composite water supply pipe, a new type of electric fusion tee, a new type of electric melting flange, a plastic electrofusion pipe fitting, a steel mesh skeleton polyethylene composite Pipe, a wire mesh skeleton pipe, a full-insertion three-way, a straight-through melting different-diameter pipe fitting, a fused-reducing three-way, a single-disc double-inserted three-way and other 16 patented technologies.



New journey

In the future, Tianjin Yaode will continue to invest more in scientific research, and will work harder to protect the environment and cost, and provide better products and services to the society.

Invitation to join

Can’t find a good project? Green composite market vacancy, fewer manufacturers, Tianjinyaode is willing to cooperate with you win-win!