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Steel mesh skeleton PE Composite pipe DN50-DN800

The steel mesh skeleton plastic composite tube adopts high quality material and advanced production technology to make it have higher compressive performance. At the same time, the composite tube has excellent flexibility and is suitable for water supply and gas transmission pipeline systems for long-distance burial. The pipe used for steel mesh skeleton polyethylene composite pipe is polyethylene electric melting pipe. When connecting, the outer plastic of the pipe is melted with the inner plastic of the pipe, and the pipe is reliably connected with the pipe.


1. Overcoming the phenomenon of rapid stress cracking of plastic tubes, because the structure of the steel and plastic materials is composite, the rapid stress that the plastic tube can not overcome will not occur.
2. It has the characteristics of strength, rigidity, impact resistance, low line expansion coefficient and creep resistance similar to that of ordinary pure plastic tubes;
3. Light weight, convenient installation, electric and hot melt joint for pipe connection, strong axial tensile ability, mature and reliable connection technology, and specification of pipe type
Fully developed, can be connected with other various pipelines, Valve equipment;
4. Two-sided corrosion protection, with the same anti-corrosion properties as plastic tubes, and high temperature and corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity;
5. Excellent structure, the reinforced skeleton of the pipe and the inner and outer plastics are mutually inclusive into a whole, and there is no worry about the stripping of the inner and outer plastics and the reinforced body;
6. The inner wall is smooth and does not scale, and the head loss of the pipe is 30 % lower than that of the steel pipe;
7. The overall pipe design is based on a service life of 50 years;
8. Pipe of different pressure levels can be manufactured by adjusting wire diameter, thickness of plastic layer, etc.;

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